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loosely connected hubs of makers connected by a common ethos

We have evolved into six chapters since we began, including:

  • Bristol - started in 2015 / 2016 - were running a monthly session / workshop for beginners to do skill building - was really more open and more maker / hands on so has fallen away recently, but they do have plans in the future and for a local;

  • Limerick - started a chapter and Facebook in 2018 - and has had many people and members, but not so many events, masters students are always interested. Sometimes the workshop and classes are combined and sometimes participants make swatches like the e-textiles Summer Camp, the chapter is trying to get an intern to help;

  • Berlin - Berit Greinke started it 2 years ago with Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson (Plusea) - very hands on with making and presentations, the community and then the shop closed and no vision. It restarted in July 2021 with by Berit with a goal to build the community and try make it more inclusive - reaching out to adjacent fields and extending the definition of e-textiles and what is a wearable;

  • Rotterdam - e-Textiles making meetups started in Rotterdam V2 where Melissa Coleman was a co-organiser before e-stitches - then V2 had budget cuts - also have a maker space. They restarted in July 2021 to assess the community interests and the organisers want to build an archive of previous projects;

  • Barcelona - newest member of e-stitches, held a kick-off event in June 2020 and there are  hopes to have local maker events. Anastasia has run the Fabric Academy for the last couple years, many from the maker community that she is pulling from want to do an in person event and informal socials.


Camille Baker & Emilie Giles - oganiser


The first event was held in November 4th, 2014 at Waterman's Art Centre in south west London, with the support of Irini Papadimitriou who was the p/t  Head of New Media Arts Development at Watermans, and the V&A Digital Programmes Manager, Digital Design Weekend, Digital Futures.

The group started as "Stitch, Bitch, Make/Perform" and hoped to bring like-minded artists, fashion and other designers, performers, makers, electronic technologies, bio-technologists, wearable DIY enthusiasts, quantified-selfies, all together to discuss, show, share, educate and learn from each other on the current issues and future directions in this niche field.

The first event aimed to be a mix of panel and salon/discussion and workshop, with exciting guest experts including: Michelle Danjoux Rain Asford, Becky Stewart, Emilie Gilles, Douglas Atkinson, and others suggests, such as those from the Institute of Making, LCF Textile/Materials Futures and more.

The aim was to:
1) review and interrogate the book "Garments of Desire",
2) discuss wearable trends (DIY, fashion, medical, sports, textiles, QS) and
3) critique the tech fashion in Digital Revolutions exhibition that had just been showing at the Barbican the previous summer and plan for future sessions.

Immediately afterward, Melissa Coleman asked if she could help co-host, having done so previously at V2 in Rotterdam.

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